Who We Are?

Patric, Chris and Jeff leverage decades of experience.

Patric Shannon

Head Coach

Patric is a seasoned entrepreneur who has founded three successful companies in the digital marketing space. With a focus on agency mastery, he has coached over 1,000 students, helping many of them achieve personal freedom.


Patric’s expertise has led to speaking engagements at industry events. Having built a lucrative local lead generation agency, Patric accomplished his goal of financial independence and spent two years traveling the world with his beloved wife Fernanda. Driven by his agency’s success, Patric self-funded LeadSnap—a powerful software platform designed to facilitate the scaling of digital marketing agencies used in 20 countries. With a passion for empowering others, Patric continues to help agency owners unlock their potential in the digital marketing landscape.

Chris Moore

Head Coach

Chris Moore is a property and acquisitions investor, entrepreneur, full stack digital marketer, business development consultant, and best-selling author.

Chris has a strong background in business development, business growth strategy, & scaling companies quickly. Chris has helped build and scaled several companies earning him 2 INC 5000 awards in the last three years as well as several other equivalent awards and recognition in the digital marketing industry.


Chris is partnered with Carl Allen in Dealmaker Wealth Society and over a dozen other businesses and roll-ups.

Jeff Howell

Head Coach

After a decade as a corporate attorney with a Fortune 100 company, my definition of success radically changed. As a visionary with knowledge and skills across multiple areas of interest, entrepreneurship was the only logical next step.


Working as an intrapreneur in a large company taught me that bureaucracy and lack of accountability severely limited my ability to innovate or bring projects to fruition. Since striking out as an entrepreneur, I’ve been fortunate to act as General Counsel of multiple start-ups, as well as serve as business advisor to a number of consultants focused on CEOs and their leadership teams. Throughout these experiences, I’ve gained a wealth of business knowledge, experience, and acumen that I share to help everyone around me succeed.


Currently, I work as Director of Strategic Partnerships for https://leadsnap.co/jhnet, a Saas platform that is a suite of tools for digital marketers, and a consultant to businesses in diverse niches. In these roles, I’m able to apply my existing skills and experience while continuing to learn and evolve as an entrepreneur in real time.

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