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Rank Masters is the complete business growth system. We help you built repeatable scaleable growth in your agency. We provide personal freedom through agency mastery.
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We will help you close your first deal!

Our goal is to have you be cashflow positive in 1 month.

What’s Your Experience Been Like In Rank Masters

Providing Solutions Is the Process Of Creating & Capturing Values

What I’ve learned is to take action. I’ve held myself back a lot tyring to get things perfect. If I have goals, I just need to take action and learn along the way.

Jo'Lante Williams

Capacity Partners

This group has brought me so much clarity about where my priorities need to be and resources to actualize it.

Gabriel Melchor

Denver Digital Agency LLC

The win for me is all the tips and tricks that I can immediately implement in my business.

Joseph Graham

Upshot Solutions

The biggest takeaway I had is that…I’m thinking too small for what I know my capacity and potential is to grow my agency

Jannery Cepeda

Contractors Growth Engine

Rank Masters – I’ve known Patric for many years, he helped me grow my agency and scale it. He’s absolutely changed my life!

Spencer Lund

Spray Foam Marketing Genius

I believe so much in what Patric has to say and he truly has a belief that he can help and his heart is so big, I want other people to be exposed to that.

Doug Heimbach

Pro Leads PR LLC

I’ve looked at so many courses and doing my due diligence on Patric, everyone talked about how passionate he is about helping people.

Bryan Waddle

Contractors Growth Engine

I’ve doubled my buiness, and I feel way more confident. Patric has helped with that and Chris has helped a lot with sales. I want to triple my business this year!

Shannon Donovan

Remodelers Marketing Crew
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The Old Slow Way To Agency Growth

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There is a Better Way To Grow Faster

Focus on the things you are great at that you enjoy!

Rank Masters will help you:

Everything You Need To Scale Your Agency

We will work with you to create a custom game plan that will lay out exactly what to do next.

Schedule a Coaching or Training Engagement

Rank Master Members Scale Faster, Increase Profits, Build Better
Teams and Have More Personal Freedom

The Accountability You Need!

Accelerate your agency growth.

90 Days Game Plan With Milestone Tracking

Transform your goals into achievements with a 90-day plan, tracking milestones for clarity, focus, and structured progress.

Monthly Checkins

Regular monthly check-ins to review progress, adjust goals, and ensure alignment with your personal and professional goals.

Weekly Coaching Calls

Get questions answered with weekly coaching calls, offering guidance, support, and actionable insights to create momentum in your business.

Join Slack Group

Connect, collaborate, and share insights in a dedicated Slack group, fostering a supportive community to accelerate your growth and success.

Meet The Founders

10,000+ Coaching Sessions
Patric, Chris
and Jeff Leverage Decades Of Experience.

Chris Moore

Head Coach

Chris Moore is an entrepreneur, investor, full stack digital marketer, and best-selling author. Chris has a strong background in business development, customer experience design, and business growth strategy.


Chris has helped build and scale several companies earning him 2 INC 5000 awards in the last three years as well as several…

Patric Shannon

Head Coach

Patric is a seasoned entrepreneur
who has founded three successful companies in the digital marketing space.


With a focus on agency mastery, he has coached over 1,000 students, helping many of them achieve personal freedom. Patric’s expertise has led to speaking engagements at industry events.

Jeff Howell

Head Coach

After a decade as a corporate attorney with a Fortune 100 company, my definition of success radically changed. As a visionary with knowledge and skills across multiple areas of interest, entrepreneurship was the only logical next step.


Working as an intrapreneur in a large company taught me that bureaucracy and lack of accountability…

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